Guy is an extremely powerful energy healer (& much more!). My treatment was beyond words. All I can say is if you’re on the fence or unsure about working with Guy, do it and get ready for a transformation!


Upon arriving a little nervous, Guy’s calm energy put me at ease straight away. Feeling blocked and empty, Guy utilised various healing techniques, his insight, and connection to the spiritual world to leave me feeling full, free, energised, and ready to embark on the next stage of my journey. Forever grateful.


As cliche as “it changed the trajectory of my life” might sound, my session with Guy absolutely did. I had dabbled in ‘energy healing’ before but what I experience in Guys readings is unmatched. He has this incredibly gifted ability to tap into dimensions that dare I say very few can. He takes you on…


Thank you Guy for a fabulous healing session. I feel so much more connected with who I am and have a better understanding of how things hold us back from finding our passion. Very grateful Thank you Helen

Betsy Krebs

I know when I see that connecting smile of his, I’m in good hands. Guy channels incredible knowledge and love while in session. I love how I feel balanced and “on plane”, after a session. (Please don’t tell anybody about him…he,heee, he) He is very gifted and knowledgeable …