Membership T's & C's

All students attending yoga and meditation classes must agree to our  terms and conditions when purchasing a class package or membership. Copies are available in-store, and are displayed when signing up on -line.

1. Membership or class package includes the classes as specified to the type of membership. All memberships exclude weekend workshops and special events. Customers are advised to always check the website for specialty classes like Kirtan and Sound Healing as they may not be included in your membership package. Any class facilitated by Michele Kingston is not included in memberships or packages.

2. All administration (bookings, payments, timetable management and tech support for zoom etc.) is managed by Rosebud Health Store (RHS). Please contact our RHS admin staff on 03 5986 1005 Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm for booking management. We are happy to assist you with all enquires.

3. Membership payments are strictly direct debit only.

4. Only members with a class booking will be notified of changes to cancelled classes. To avoid disappointment, it is recommended that members pre-book classes in advance. If a class is cancelled, general notifications will also be made on our social media accounts. 

5. Every booking generates an email confirmation which gives you the option to cancel or reschedule at any time. When you cancel or reschedule your class via the email link, your teacher will be notified automatically.

6. Class attendance: Doors open 5-10 minutes prior to class commencement. (Entry via Rosebud Health Store). Entry is not permitted after class begins.

7. You must keep your contact details (email address and phone number), emergency contacts, and health and payment details up to date with us at all times.

8. Our timetable is subject to change, and replacement teachers will be arranged in the event of staff absence.

9. All memberships have a set minimum term, are considered on-going, and will automatically renew. Membership fees may be waived by request, once only, for a maximum of 2 consecutive weeks, for memberships that run for a minimum of 3 months in duration. Classes may not run due to public holidays. Membership fees are waived only when the Dharma Centre is closed for 7 consecutive days or more. (Example; Christmas Holidays).

10. Memberships can be cancelled at any time. Early exit fees do apply, which is equivalent to 4 weeks subscription fee. To cancel your membership, you can email us via or, contact us during business hours on 03 5986 1005. Your subscription is considered cancelled once you have received a membership cancellation confirmation via email.

11. By signing up as a member you also agree to the general terms and conditions as outlined on our website regarding injury liability, privacy laws, and our limitations regarding professional/medical advice. Full details can be found at (see tab T’s & C’s).

12. Memberships are strictly non-transferable.