Welcome to the
Dharma Centre at Rosebud Health Store

Our Dharma Centre, located at the back of our store, was created so that as a community we can gather for yoga, meditation, spiritual practices as well as health seminars and conferences. 


Guy and Michelle Carter bought the Rosebud Health Store on July 27th 2018 after many things aligned that could not be explained other than via spiritual means. Without any inclination to buy a store, or awareness of businesses available for sale, while out doing some shopping, on her own while on a break from her job as a psychic, Michelle heard a direct clairaudient message from a Spiritual Guide. That message was that she would soon be purchasing a Health Store and it was so unexpected that she mistakenly thought it must be for a client or someone else because neither her or Guy had any plans of becoming business owners, in fact they had many other plans for themselves, including running their conferences, writing books, courses and hosting spiritual events. Over the next few days, however, the messages continued and it was clear that it was indeed for them.  With more and more detail about specific products and even the layout of rooms, including one with a skylight at the back of the store which was shown as a wonderful portal of spiritual light entering and filling a room, Michelle found it impossible to focus on any other matters, which prompted her and Guy to do a quick internet search of businesses for sale in the area. To their surprise, the Rosebud Health Store was the first image to come up on the screen with a For Sale banner flashing across the image. It was immediately obvious that the messages were relating to this store.

The first visit to the store was during opening hours, and it was apparent that the business was empty of stock, and going under. A closing down sale sign was in the window and they were soon told that the business had been on the market for over 5 years but every offer fell through. The owner was desperate to leave and move on, however the staff, customers and the Rosebud community were holding on with arrangements being made between local residents with staff attempting to operate as a type of co-op venture, but that too was failing.

As Guy and Michelle were shown through the building they were taken to the room that had always been used for Reiki and Psychic healing sessions. Very little was in the tired looking room, which was painted in rich Tibetan colors of Gold and Red. On the wall was a picture of the great guru Babaji, above him was a skylight and the sun streamed in to the room. At that moment both Guy and Michelle bowed to the image and auspiciously spoke simultaneously, saying “The teacher of my own Guru”. Having different Gurus, they both looked at each other, immediately feeling his presence and recognizing the moment from a vision just days before, they knew that the store was being gifted to them and that they were indeed meant to be the new custodians of it.

The history of the store itself was fascinating as it had been trading for well over 50 years as a bulk food store and health business. The locals talked fondly of shopping there as children or visiting while on holidays with their grandparents. The first prominent owner, Jim Frew, established the store with his now late wife, in the 1960’s. Mrs. Frew was a qualified Pharmacist, however focused solely on providing natural health products to the Rosebud Community, while Jim had a natural flair for business management and a keen interest in energy healing, Reiki and spirituality. Together, they ran an incredible natural health store, employing naturopaths and providing healing, at a time when health stores were not common and spirituality was looked upon skeptically – it was a great success. Jim remains a  prominent local personality, well known and highly respected in the community for his skill and knowledge of healing.

The store continued to evolve over the decades, with several changes of owners who, through hard work and perseverance, each had their own success and stories to tell from their experiences.  It was not uncommon to have staff move grocery shelving to make way for a humble yoga class or for community based groups to gather for a class. So many people have experienced healing and inspiration, as well as spiritual and physical sustenance from spending time in the Rosebud Health Store.  It’s spiritual significance in the community is undeniable.

Within a matter of weeks from receiving intuitive messages, Guy founded the Company Flourishing Dharma Pty Ltd and together Guy and Michelle purchased the Rosebud Health Store and the work began!