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Guy Dharma

Guy uses his spiritual understanding and insight to support you to understand choices that present themselves in your life. In this session, Guy will balance, clear, and energize your chakra system. He will use a variety of energy tools and sound bowls to clear your aura while removing emotional and psychic attachments.

Guy often brings through psychic messages while he is healing you. He can connect with your guides, review soul contracts, tap into past lives, and even your Galactic heritage!

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Ishan Makkar

It was a wonderful experience, can’t even explain in words what I feel but totally amazing. I love the way Guy guided me through it.

August 25, 2023


Guy is an extremely powerful energy healer (& much more!). My treatment was beyond words. All I can say is if you’re on the fence or unsure about working with Guy, do it and get ready for a transformation!
August 30, 2022


Upon arriving a little nervous, Guy’s calm energy put me at ease straight away.
Feeling blocked and empty, Guy utilised various healing techniques, his insight, and connection to the spiritual world to leave me feeling full, free, energised, and ready to embark on the next stage of my journey. Forever grateful.

August 10, 2022


As cliche as “it changed the trajectory of my life” might sound, my session with Guy absolutely did. I had dabbled in ‘energy healing’ before but what I experience in Guys readings is unmatched. He has this incredibly gifted ability to tap into dimensions that dare I say very few can. He takes you on a divine ‘journey’ where you connect with not only the light beings that surround you, your guides and galactic family but your past life/s. As someone who has suffered and struggled tremendously to operate in this world to the point of suicidal anxiety, I confidently attest to finding my way through with more peace, ease, grace and contentment in my heart because of our sessions. I feel freer, lighter and more confident in myself than ever as result. All the awareness I have gained from our sessions has nourished my soul and deeply nurtured my spirit. There is a reason I call him “Miracle worker”, each session we just seem to unpack and release more layers of unresolved trauma and emotional blockages that hold me back from living my best most authentic life. Undoubtedly the most profound form of healing I have ever experienced (and I’ve done a-lot.) Eternally grateful for Guy!

July 31, 2022


Thank you Guy for a fabulous healing session. I feel so much more connected with who I am and have a better understanding of how things hold us back from finding our passion.
Very grateful Thank you Helen

July 12, 2022

Betsy Krebs

I know when I see that connecting smile of his, I’m in good hands. Guy channels incredible knowledge and love while in session. I love how I feel balanced and “on plane”, after a session. (Please don’t tell anybody about him…he,heee, he) He is very gifted and knowledgeable …

May 31, 2022


You are amazing. It was fabulous, thank you so much 🙂 🙂 X We will be coming again soon.

April 20, 2022

Paula Allen

A great session for 30 minutes! Thanks Guy, I took a few notes and today I am buzzing in very high vibes!!

March 22, 2022
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