Psychic & Energy Healing

Michelle Dharma

Michelle is an accomplished meditation practitioner, spiritual teacher and intuitive healer. She is passionate about nature’s pharmacy, working with herbs, supplements and vitamins for wellbeing. Michelle has worked as a psychic for over 20 years, she is able to see the past and predict the future and will work with your guides to bring the highest messages for your soul growth in her readings.


Guy Dharma

Guy has studied and trained in compassion-based meditation for over 30 years. He has been in the company of many great Indian gurus and saints. Guy connects with your guides to provide you with emotional and spiritual healing in energy sessions. Guy can read your past lives to give you better insight and understanding in this life. His spiritual understanding of karma and the laws of nature are remarkable.

Reading T's & C's

The General Disclaimer for Michelle or Guy Dharma as services paid or otherwise, offered by Rosebud Health Store/Dharma Centre or via the website, and all come under the umbrella of: Flourishing Dharma Pty Ltd T/a Rosebud Health (RHS) and their associates while employed/contracted from the Dharma Centre at Rosebud Health Store in an intuitive capacity.

PSYCHIC PREDICTIONS: I agree that since references to the future and outcomes are based on potentials, possibilities, and probabilities at the time of the reading, based on my actions and other people’s actions or inaction, and due to interpretation, there is no guarantee on the accuracy rate of a reading, session, or consultation.

By engaging in a reading, I understand that the Psychic does not diagnose illnesses, and will not answer questions that require prediction of death and that whilst spiritual and philosophical discussion regarding life after death is welcomed, any mediumship questions or readings may have a time limit. The Psychic will not engage in readings that are considered unethical or invasive to the privacy of the client or members of the public. 

NOT PROFESSIONAL ADVICE: A psychic appointment is for entertainment purposes only and should not be mistaken or replace professional legal, financial, medical or psychiatric advice. 

END OF SESSION & EXTENDING TIME: An alarm will sound to notify the end of your pre-paid session.  Please be aware that extending sessions may not always be possible due to other appointments.

OVERTIME: An additional fee may be applied, if both you and the psychic agree to extend into additional time. 

REFUNDS: Full refunds are issued without question for first time customers and only if the reading is ended within 15 minutes (via phone) or within 30 minutes (in person). Requests for refunds after the above mentioned times will not be issued. I understand that future bookings may not be granted after requesting a refund.


“I (customer/client) certify that I am at least 18 years old to purchase any of the services offered by Rosebud Health Store & Dharma Centre. I understand that the Psychic has the right to refuse to answer questions during a session, I also understand that the Psychic is at liberty to cancel appointments at any time, without reason, in which case a full refund would be issued to you as the customer/client. 

This disclaimer applies to all bookings for psychic readings.