EARTHLY INDULGENCE Zeolite Good Morning Beverage 150g


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“We have researched, tested, and trialed zeolites from every corner of the Earth to find the cleanest and best quality Zeolite, and there is a huge difference between them. The geological age makes New Zealand the source of the oldest known zeolite deposits in the world (roughly 320 million years). Our Zeolite is sourced from pristine and pure deposits with exceptional characteristics. Zeolite powder is known for its myriad health benefits and can remove toxic wastes from your system. The healing properties of zeolite powder can help to efficiently remove pollutants, traces of heavy metals like mercury, cadmium and organic compounds from the body.

Activated Zeolite is not absorbed into the bloodstream, but does its work electrostatically from the intestinal wall before being expelled in the usual way, so, it is a very safe supplement to take.

Zeolite is perfectly safe for use and helps to balance the pH level of the body.”


TMAZ clinoptilolite, zeolite powder, pineapple extract, stevia.

Directions of Use

1 Dessert teaspoon in a glass of water, juice, smoothie or shake, Stir well.